International House of Conservation (IHOC)

International House of Conservation (IHOC)


In Thailand, for more than 70 years, the faculty of Forestry, Kasetsart University (KU) has been the main institute that produces officials and scientists who work for government agencies responsible to conserve and manage protected areas, wildlife and biodiversity resources. Government officials together with scientists from conservation organizations who graduate from KU’s Faculty of Forestry have dedicated their life to protect forest and wildlife in national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, non-hunting areas and forest parks all over Thailand and have made Thailand as one of the most advance countries in protected area system in Southeast Asia. As Thailand has become more and more committed to the global community to conserve biodiversity, improve protected area management and save and restore endangered wildlife species it is crucial for students to have an opportunity to understand the issues happening at the international arenas and improve their English skill. In 2013 KU’s Faculty of Forestry with support from US Fish and Wildlife Service, The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has initiated the establishment of “International House of Conservation (IHOC)” to be a center of learning on conservation projects and activities around the world. IHOC is equipped computer sets of visual sound lab, international conservation DVDs, text books, reports, brochures, articles about conservation projects and activities happening from different corners of the planet. This is not only to improve future generations’ experience to come out strongly to work for forest and wildlife conservation but also to strengthen their English capacity to effectively cope with issues impacting the world’s state of nature and natural resources.


  • Students are equipped with up-to-date knowledge in biodiversity conservation, protected area and wildlife management, applying what they have learned for improving the quality of protected area management and wildlife conservation in Thailand.
  • Students are infused with a deep sense of respect for science, for practical conservation, and for a love of nature, forest, and wildlife.


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